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Meet Davin Infinity

Davin Infinity is a Creative Director of evolutionary media projects that catalyze social innovation, planetary healing and personal awakening. Davin has traveled the world to 42 countries for his Life Quest the Legacy project researching and visiting 50 of the most cutting edge centers of human potential (places like Damanhur, Esalen and Auroville), along with over 200 sacred sites carrying powerful ancient wisdom lineages.


He is also a speaker, facilitator, author, designer and visionary film-maker. He has been initiated into lineages of Shamanism & the Ancient Mystery Schools. His life is dedicated to creating solutions and tools that allow humanity to unify and thrive in co-creation.


He has been working with over 75 leaders and projects in the divine feminine and social justice movements over the past 15 years, and along with his work in men’s rites of passage and sacred masculine empowerment work, was naturally thrilled to work on an epic project like God Cards for Men.

Why I chose Davin.

I commissioned Davin Infinity to create these gorgeous God Card images for a variety of reasons. We met at the Agoge men's initiation retreat produced by David Fabricius. I knew instantly I had met a fellow old soul mystic, artist and entrepreneur. This was the event where my purpose statement was revealed and adopted the name Grateful Bear.


Somewhere towards the end of the weekend, Davin had brought forward some of his artwork to share and I was blown away by the multi-dimensionality captured on a two dimensional canvas. Little did I know at that time, I would be seeking him out down the road to embark on God Cards for Men with me.


The results speak for themselves. Davin is a master visionary artist who has traveled the world manifesting his vision, dreams and purpose in alignment as a divine masculine embodiment.


Check out his portfolio and offerings here

                               - Grateful Bear

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