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Meet Richard the Grateful Bear

Since his days as an altar boy in church, Richard threw himself into youth sports, the Cub Scouts, musicianship, mountaineering, mysticism, psycho-spiritual studies, architectural services and industrial design, earning a Bachelor of Arts in communications that lead to a corporate studio career in Hollywood.


A series of fortunate and synchronistic twists and turns along the path guided him to the foot of the Goddess, an experience that left him humbled and awed by the discovery of the greatest kept secret from mankind.


As a young man, Richard’s church, school, workplace and the popular culture of the day taught him to dismiss the feminine as over-emotional, less than, weaker, manipulative, and a seductive object of evil desires.


His six-year initiation into a mystery school priesthood revealed the truth of Divine Feminine power through deity, archetype and of her suppressed influence through out the history of human evolution. Richard also researched Divine Masculine deities and archetypes as role models for a healthy and powerful manhood. It became clear to Richard that men and women had become estranged to one another, not by choice, but by a social design fooling us all into an unconscious state of fear, lack and limitation.


Though he worked in a corporate setting by day, his evenings were devoted to helping others move through psychosomatic barriers to gain insights and awareness of their own latent talents and abilities. 


To deepen his counseling practice, Richard become an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and as fate would have it, faced a life threatening health challenge, which lead to his own reconciliation as an “Uninitiated Boy” who thought he was a Man.


Richard was invited into various men’s initiation programs where he engaged and embodied masculine principles. It was there during a drum ceremony led by a First Nations elder where his purpose was revealed.


I bring Heaven to Earth by empowering the heart, mind, body and soul of the Divine masculine and feminine in everyone I know. He was then honored with the name Grateful Bear.


Today, Richard the Grateful Bear continues living a vital life of outrageous gratitude offering business and personal empowerment services throughout California.

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